Becoming a Contractor

The Masonry Trade consists of laying concrete block, clay bricks, stone and other similar materials. In California, a Contractor’s License is required for those that contract and perform work in the construction field. In order to obtain a license, an individual must file an application with the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB). The CSLB also requires that the individual pass two examinations, Law and Business, and Masonry Trade. The CSLB monitors contractors for compliance with certain requirements, such as maintaining liability insurance, a surety bond and workers compensation insurance, if applicable. Consumer complaints are also under the jurisdiction of CLSB.

CSLB requires at least 4 years of work experience in the trade. This requirement is normally satisfied by working for a licensed masonry contractor and on construction projects. The Application requires that the work experience must be at the journeyman level or higher.

After CSLB accepts the application, the individual is required to successfully pass the Law and Business and Masonry Trade and Masonry (C-29). CSLB may require additional information, such as a background check, on applicants.

Once CSLB has determined that a license can be issued, the applicant must demonstrate financial responsibility by having working capital and posting the appropriate surety bonds along with the applicable workers compensation and liability insurance.

A comprehensive Blueprint for becoming a licensed contractor in California is available from CSLB.

Useful References in Preparing for the trade portion of a Masonry Contractors License:
Additional references are listed in the Masonry (C-29) and Law and Business study guides.