Become an Inspector

The demand for quality Structural Masonry Special Inspectors is constantly growing throughout the country. The design and construction of masonry structures becomes increasingly complex and requires the independent observation of the masonry inspector.

Effective December, 2017, the Structural Masonry Special Inspector Exam format changed. Click here for information on the new structure.

The first step in becoming a Structural Masonry Special Inspector is to prepare for the examination. The test is now divided into three modules, each requiring a separate examination. The modules are:
  • GR Special Inspector General Requirements
  • 84C Structural Masonry Special Inspector (Code Module)
  • 84P Structural Masonry Special Inspector (Plan Module)

Information on these modules can be accessed by clicking here and selecting National Certification Type and Special Inspector Category, then scroll down to the bottom of the second page.

The modules are based on the noted references:

GR Special Inspector General Requirements
84C Masonry Code Module
The Special Inspection Manual, which is a reference when taking the test, can be acquired from the International Code Council (ICC) at a nominal cost.

In addition to the referenced materials, there are two other helpful items that can be extremely useful in preparing for the examination: For the technical portion, there is a Masonry Inspectors Workbook which contains over 700 questions similar to those on the test. For help in preparing for the plan reading section of the test a Plan Set with Sample Test is an excellent resource.

When you are ready to take the exam, Registration is done through the International Code Council section of the Pearson website. You will register for a National Certification with an exam name of 84 Structural Masonry.

For more information about the Structural Masonry Special Inspection Examination, visit the Certification Section of the ICC website ( or call ICC at 888-ICC-SAFE (888-422-7233), ext. 33806.

All masonry construction on projects under DSA jurisdiction require continuous inspection by an appropriately qualified individual. For information on preparing and becoming a DSA Certified Masonry Special Inspector, please go to: